Webflow vs WIX

This table presents a detailed comparison between Webflow and Wix, two leading web development platforms. The comparison covers various aspects such as SEO, marketing, CMS, performance, security, and management.

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Webflow vs Wix ↓

Feature CategoryFeatureWebflowWix
SEO & MarketingIntegrated SEO ToolsVia Extensions/AppVia Apps
Title & Meta Customization
Global Canonical
301 Redirects
Structured DataVia CodeVia Code
Dashboard Analytics-
Tracking Tags IntegrationNative or Via CodeNative or Via Code
PerformanceOverall PerformanceExcellentGood
CMSIntegrated CMS
CMS Customization✔️
CollaborationWorkspace & Project MembersProject Members
Dynamic Page Template
Site Limitations100 Static Pages, 20 Collections, 2,000 Items100 Static Pages, 500 KB Data Limit per Item
Security & ManagementSSL CertificateIncludedIncluded
Secure HostingAWS HostingWix Hosting
Backup ManagementUnlimited Automatic and Manual BackupsMax 3 Automatic and Manual Backups
System UpdatesAutomaticAutomatic
Access ControlTwo-Factor Authentication
Other FeaturesCustom DesignTotal FreedomLimited Freedom
ResponsivenessNative CascadingLimited Cascading
Image OptimizationNative (WebP Conversion, Alt Text)Under Development
AuditNative AuditingVia App
Custom Code
Member Area✔️
AutomationBeta Logic or External Tools
Extension MarketplaceApps MarketplaceApps Marketplace
API Support
Resources & LearningCommunity and Documentation
Design Templates
Plans & PricingStarter PlanFreeDomain Connection Plan: 6,60€/month
Basic Plan$14/monthBasic Plan: 12€/month
CMS Plan$23/monthUnlimited Plan: 20,40€/month
Business Plan$39/monthVIP Plan: 34,80€/month
Company PlanCustomizedCustomized
E-commerce Standard Plan$29/monthBasic Business Plan: 24€/month
E-commerce Plus Plan$74/monthBusiness Plan Unlimited: 36€/month
E-commerce Advanced Plan$212/monthVIP Business Plan: 52,80€/month
User RatingsCapterra Rating4.6/5 (215 reviews)4.4/5 (9,218 reviews)
G2 Rating4.4/5 (465 reviews)4.2/5 (1,568 reviews)
GetApp Rating4.6/5 (195 reviews)4.4/5 (8,212 reviews)

Conclusion ↓

Webflow and Wix both offer robust web development solutions with their own unique advantages.

Webflow provides more flexibility and control for custom design and features, making it suitable for users with some technical know-how.

Wix, on the other hand, is more user-friendly for beginners and offers a simpler interface with limited customization options.

The choice between the two will largely depend on the user’s technical skills and specific needs for website design and functionality.

Webflow Guides by Us ↓

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Webflow Documentation
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Webflow offers a visual interface that allows for precise design customization without the need for extensive coding.

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Have questions,
About Our Webflow Migration Service?

How long does the migration process to Webflow typically take?
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The timeline varies based on the site's complexity and size. On average, migration can take from a few weeks to a couple of months, ensuring careful transfer and optimization of all content and functionalities.
Can you migrate e-commerce sites to Webflow, and how will it affect my online store?
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Yes, we can migrate e-commerce sites to Webflow. This migration enhances your store with Webflow’s robust e-commerce tools, aiming to improve both the management experience and the shopping experience for your customers.
Will my website’s SEO be affected by moving to Webflow?
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We prioritize preserving your SEO rankings. The migration process includes maintaining URL structures, implementing necessary redirects, and transferring all SEO metadata to minimize any impact on your search engine rankings.
What is the cost of migrating a website to Webflow?
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The cost varies depending on the website’s size and complexity, as well as any additional features needed. We provide a customized quote after a thorough assessment of your current website and requirements.
What are the benefits of migrating to Webflow?
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Migrating to Webflow offers enhanced design flexibility, responsive design capabilities, an intuitive CMS, and improved SEO tools. It's ideal for streamlined, design-centric website management and development.