Cherelux Jewels

We embraced the essence of luxury by crafting the unique name "Cherelux," derived from the concept of freshness and paired it with the empowering tagline "Dear, you are luxury." This creative fusion encapsulates the brand's mission to make each wearer feel like a piece of luxury themselves.




We helped create the brand from ground up connecting elegance and self-expression in every piece of jewelry.
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Cherelux Jewels

With Alyaa's inspiration guiding us, we meticulously sculpted the brand's visual identity, crafting designs that resonate with those who seek jewelry that's more than an accessory – it's a statement.

Name & Tagline Creation:

The journey started with crafting the perfect name and tagline that resonated with the essence of the brand. "Cherelux" was derived from "fresh," reflecting the unique and timeless nature of the jewelry. The tagline, "Dear, you are luxury," exudes a personal touch, linking the product to the consumer's identity.

Design & Branding:

Carril Agency worked meticulously on the design and branding aspect to ensure that Cherelux stands apart in the luxury market. Using elements that portray elegance, sophistication, and exclusivity, we developed a brand identity that is both visually appealing and emblematic of the brand's core values.


Cherelux now represents more than just jewelry; it’s a symbol of class and self-expression. Our work encapsulated what Cherelux aims to communicate to its audience, resulting in a coherent and attractive brand that resonates with its clientele.


"Carril Agency’s creativity and attention to detail were unparalleled. They grasped our vision and translated it into a brand that speaks to our target audience. The name, tagline, and overall branding truly resonate with our values. Carril has been instrumental in shaping our brand's identity."

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