Synap3 is a cutting-edge consulting firm specializing in accelerating and servicing web3 projects. With a mission to drive technological advancement for a sustainable future, Synap3 collaborates with innovators and thinkers across various domains of the emerging decentralized web (web3) landscape.




We created a brand that aligns with Synap3's commitment to innovation, and technological excellence. The brand's visual identity is consistently implemented.

The Process

Phase 1: Discovery and Research

  • Understanding the Market: Analyzing the web3 landscape to understand its complexities and nuances.
  • Client's Vision and Mission: Collaborating closely with Synap3 to understand their specific goals and ethos.
  • Competitor Analysis: Identifying opportunities to stand out in a competitive and rapidly evolving field.

Phase 2: Branding Development

  • Logo Design: Creating a logo that encapsulates Synap3's futuristic vision and commitment to sustainability.
  • Color Palette Selection: Utilizing a color scheme that conveys innovation and reliability. (#022374, #fda700, #ffffff were the chosen colors representing the brand.)
  • Typography and Iconography: Selecting fonts and icons that are modern and resonate with the web3 community.
  • Brand Guidelines: Establishing a comprehensive guide to ensure consistency in the brand's visual representation across different platforms.


Synap3's branding has been hailed as innovative, sophisticated, and in perfect alignment with its mission to accelerate web3 projects for a better tomorrow. Key outcomes include:

  • Brand Recognition: Establishing Synap3 as a recognizable and respected name in the web3 consulting space.
  • Visual Coherence: Successful implementation of a consistent visual identity across various mediums, from the website to business cards.
  • Positive Client Feedback: Synap3's team expressed satisfaction with the branding, which accurately represents their vision and differentiates them in the market.


The branding of Synap3 stands as a testament to Carril's prowess in creating visually compelling and strategic brand identities. By understanding the complexities of web3 and the unique positioning of Synap3, Carril was able to craft a brand that resonates with both the tech-savvy community and those new to the world of decentralized web projects. The success of this project reaffirms the vital role of well-thought-out branding in setting a firm foundation for a company's future growth and recognition.

Client Feedback:

"The branding process with Carril was nothing short of exceptional. They took the time to understand the complexity of web3 and our role in it, translating this into a brand that is not only visually stunning but deeply connected to our mission. The future of web3 is bright, and our branding is a beacon within that landscape."

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