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Web Developer

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We are looking for an exceptional Web Developer to be in charge of coding and interactive design.

Job Duties/Requirement

  • Use best software development practices to write well-designed, testable, and efficient code.
  • Work with web designers to ensure that the visual design intent is met.
  • Proven web programming experience Excellent programming skills and in-depth knowledge of Javascript and Ajax.
  • A thorough understanding of web application functionality, including security, session management, and best development practices
  • Knowledge of relational database systems, object-oriented programming, and web application development is required.
  • Practical knowledge of network diagnostics and network analytics tools
  • Basic understanding of the Search Engine Optimization process
  • Problem-solving abilities that are both aggressive and creative
  • Strong organizational skills and business acumen are required to juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets.
  • Ability to work in and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn quickly, and master a wide range of web technologies and techniques.

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