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June 24, 2024

Webflow Pricing 2024 Explained: Plans, Features, and More

Webflow pricing for 2024 with our comprehensive guide. Understand the different plans, features, and which one is best suited for your project. Includes detailed comparison table.
Webflow Pricing 2024 Explained: Plans, Features, and More

Heading into 2024, Webflow continues to be the best web design, build, and launch platform that empowers web designers and developers with the ability to create responsive, dynamic websites without writing code.

Whether one is a freelancer, business owner, or part of an agency, he has to be in the knowledge of the pricing structure of Webflow, ranging from a basic website to a high-fidelity prototype with a CMS to choose from the respective plans. Know the pricing of Webflow, its key features, and the differences that would let you make the right choice.

Webflow Pricing Overview

Webflow has a variety of price plans given the type of user, from beginner, professional web developers, and business. The service has two pricing categories: Site Plans and Account Plans. Site Plans are perfect for users who want to build a single site project, while Account Plans cover the features and the possibility to host your projects on any site for users who want to build multiple projects with more advanced features.

Site Plans

With this concentration on hosting, Site Plans become a good option for users who may ever want to publish their site(s) with Webflow. Hosting offers plans that include many options, ranging from basic web hosting for newbies to more advanced solutions tailored to larger businesses.

  • Basic Plan: Ideal for simple sites that don't require a CMS
  • CMS Plan: Suited for blogs and content-driven sites
  • Business Plan: Designed for higher traffic marketing sites and blogs
  • Enterprise Plan: Customizable solutions for large businesses and organizations

Account Plans

Designer and Team account plans are best for designers and teams who create multiple sites and want to have access to more design and collaboration tools.

  • Starter Plan: Free forever plan with limited features, perfect for new users
  • Lite Plan: Best for freelancers and designers who need to export their code
  • Pro Plan: Ideal for active freelancers and agencies needing more projects and premium features
  • Team Plan: Designed for teams and agencies that require collaboration tools

Webflow Pricing Table (2024)

Here is the simplified comparison table of the principal characteristics and pricing of Webflow plans. Check the correct updated information at the official website of Webflow, for the prices can be changed.

Plan Type Plan Name Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing (per month) Localization Cost Key Features
Site Plan Basic $18/month $14/month N/A Hosting, Free SSL, Domain Connectivity
Site Plan CMS $29/month $23/month Starts at $10/month 250,000 monthly visits, CMS functionality, 3 Content Editors
Site Plan Business $49/month $39/month Starts at $20/month 300,000 monthly visits, Form file upload, 10 Content Editors
Site Plan Enterprise Custom Custom Custom Custom traffic and bandwidth, Priority Support, Advanced Security

Which Plan is Right for You?

Choosing the right Webflow plan depends on your specific needs:

  • For individuals or small projects: The Basic Site Plan or the Starter Account Plan may be sufficient.
  • For freelancers and professionals: The CMS Lite/Pro Site Plan.
  • For businesses and agencies: The Business Site Plan or Team Account Plan includes everything with all the premium features and collaboration tools needed to take your projects from zero to launch. Stay Up to Date Here


Webflow has an outstanding range of prices for each of the plans, from the cheapest one, available for people starting their first project, to the biggest enterprises in need of a complex solution to manage and promote a website.

By looking deeper into the details of every plan, you can make the best choice that will cater to your web design and development needs, ensuring a smooth and brisk experience come the year 2024.

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