An innovation by Eltizam, stands at the forefront of real estate facility management. Carril Agency had the privilege of working with Mr. Uros to shape the face of Propezy through precise design and diligent website development.




We created a website for Propezy platform used for Simplifying how your teams manage real estate with our property management solution.

We worked hand in hand with Mr. Uros to understand the essence of Propezy and then breathe life into it through visuals and functionalities that cater to modern real estate operations.

During our collaboration, we made sure that every pixel, every line of code, was aligned with Propezy's goal of revolutionizing the way real estate is managed.

The result is a dynamic, intuitive website that not only informs but invites users to explore and embrace a new era of property management.


The Propezy website is a triumph in aligning technology with real estate management. Seamless navigation, intuitive interfaces, and engaging visuals form the core of the Propezy platform, reflecting the simplicity and efficiency that Propezy brings to property management.

The site successfully draws potential clients into the world of Propezy, with features that showcase the power and utility of the platform. The collaboration between Carril Agency and Mr. Uros translated into a cohesive digital experience that positions Propezy as a leader in real estate management solutions.

Feedback from Mr. Uros:

"I am beyond satisfied with the work Carril Agency has done for Propezy. They didn't just design a website; they brought Propezy's mission to life. The commitment, creativity, and technical expertise of the Carril team made this project a tremendous success. Our CEO loves the new site, and we have seen a significant increase in engagement. Working with Carril was a rewarding experience, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch digital solutions."

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