Carril Brand Guide

The Carril Brand Guidelines Project is a vital internal undertaking, created to unify and strengthen our team's understanding of our brand's core essence.




By providing clear directives and a cohesive framework, we've empowered everyone to communicate and represent Carril's ethos, values, and unique character consistently.
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Carril Brand Guide



The Carril name is a Spanish word for Path or Lane. It represents our tagline "The Best Path for your Digital Needs".

When representing the brand name, it should be pronounced as two words. = kah-rreel.

il. suffix


The il. prefix is used for designating Carril's sub-brands, projects, titles, marketing materials, and any other instances where it is suitable to identify a specific phrase related to Carril.

We exercise restraint in the use of "il." as overuse diminishes its effectiveness. Utilize it judiciously and in most cases, opt for the full brand name "Carril.

Primary Logo

The primary logo is a simple minimal wordmark; the name of the brand and a period “.” fashioned into a square. The wordmark “carril” was adopted by carefully constructing the letters to fit the overarching identity.

The square is the bedrock of the logo as it adds depth, meaning and an aesthetic value to the full logo. The square is a representation of the values of the brand, its removal and it’s emphasis.

It’s removal- ‘thinking outside the box’ is prime factor in how carril operates, and also, it’s emphasis- ‘having rules and procedures in place in order to achieve set goals and objectives.

Please do not do this

Avoid Stretching & Skewing. Avoid rotating. Avoid changing brand color. Avoid using strokes. Avoid Boxing logo

Where the name 'Carril' comes from

In 2019, while riding in a taxi, Ezekiel was searching for a name that would perfectly embody his project and connect with his target audience. Suddenly, he was struck by inspiration from the road outside his window. He saw the fluidity, movement, and direction that he wanted to convey in the brand name. After researching different translations, he found the Spanish word "Carril".

This word perfectly captures the spirit of the road and its fluidity, automobiles, charcoal lines, and movement. The yellow color he chose symbolizes guidance on our journey, while the lines represent the direction we take. Ezekiel was overjoyed to have found a name that not only conveyed the essence of his project but also evoked a deep emotional connection to the brand. To this day, Carril remains a symbol of pride, heritage, and direction, guiding and inspiring its customers on their own journeys.

The Carril brand is


We like to present ourselves as simple as possible to foster communication and in turn build lasting relationships.


We believe in creative freedom and expressioin, and that feeds into our pursuit of originality.


We take pride in being trustworthy and honest, and want to be perceived as such.

Logo and icon

Last update: August 2023

Clear space

Keep logo legible by using "x" of clear space around it. Avoid text, patterns, or distractions in this space. More clear space can be used as needed.

Logo Scale

Logo: 250px, Icon: 50px

Define a minimum scale for logo size to ensure legibility and prominence. Avoid using the logo smaller than this scale. Note: These are the minimum values, using bigger sizes is recommended.

Color pallete

Golden Yellow, Navy Blue, Red Violet are the approved primary colors for all Carril projects. Additional accent color(s) can be added. Golden Yellow and Blue are the only approved colors for logo use.

Additional accent and colors can be used on brand or social properties as long as they don't detract from the written content.

Primary Color

Golden Yellow, Navy Blue, Red Violet are the only primary colors to be used across all web properties.

Exception for free resources, templates, and community tools/products.

Secondary color

Blue Magenta, Humbrol Black, Culture can be used as secondary colors across web properties as long as AA contrast requirements are met.

The square

To enhance the visual representation of our brand identity and core personality, we used the square as a symbol of flexibility. The square can be both flexible and rigid, simple yet complex, and we incorporated these attributes into our branding. We carefully considered the core characteristics of a square to shape our brand.


Inter and DM Sans are the approved primary and secondary fonts for all Carril projects. All text content, titles, and branding must follow Carril typography guidelines. Both fonts are available for free and can be requested by Carril brand designers.

Design concepts

Border radius

A border radius of 0 - 1 rem is the approved setting for all brand elements. But strictly 0.1 for buttons.

High contrast ratio for text

All typography must have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for normal text and 3:1 for large text.

Message content takes priority

Written content takes precedence over visuals, art, or layouts. Text must never be obscured by other elements.


Gaps should be in multiples of 0.5rem or 8px. Letter spacing should be between -5% and 0. Line height should be between 1 and 1.5.

Written content

Sentence case content

All written content must be capitalized using sentence case.

Exception of blog titles, formal titles, and proprietary feature names.

Content should be kept simple

Carril written content and documentation should be presented in a simple and elagant manner.

Product names and formal titles should not be abbreviated.

All product names and formal titles must be written in full to create and maintain a stronger brand identity around the terms.

🚫 Don’t use this:
CA, IL, ILS, CDA, etc.

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