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In recent years, the digital space has changed the way we interact, learn and express ourselves. One of the most significant changes is the emergence of citizen journalism, which allows ordinary citizens to voice their opinions and share news from their perspective. In this article, we will explore the impact of citizen journalism on democracy, monetization, and global unity.

The Role of Citizen Journalism in Democracy

The public sphere, as a cornerstone of democratic societies, provides citizens with a platform to monitor and hold those in power accountable. Citizen journalism empowers individuals to create a discourse on issues of public interest, promoting freedom of expression and communication. It also allows the government to understand the opinions of the public on proposed policies, thereby involving citizens in the governance process.

When the traditional media fails to report on a particular topic, citizen journalism steps in to fill the gap, acting as a watchdog of democracy. People are quick to capture events and share them with millions on social media, creating a healthy environment for democratic discourse.

Monetization through Citizen Journalism

The digital space has provided an opportunity for individuals to monetize their talents, skills, and opinions. Youtubers, bloggers, and vloggers can showcase their creativity and reach a large audience, generating income from their work. Ordinary people can also monetize their views and experiences, making extra income in the process. This has resulted in the growth of tech industries and has encouraged people to share their talents with the world.

Global Unity through Citizen Journalism

The digital space has broken down barriers and connected different parts of the world, fostering unity and cultural appreciation. People from all over the world can learn from one another and share their experiences, creating a global village. Citizen journalism promotes cultural education and helps to challenge misconceptions, promoting the universality of human nature.


In conclusion, citizen journalism has had a profound impact on democracy, monetization, and global unity. The digital space has provided a platform for individuals to express their opinions, share their talents, and connect with others. By promoting freedom of expression and communication, citizen journalism has played a critical role in shaping the world we live in today.

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